Operation Shark Defence Unisex Tee
Operation Shark Defence Unisex Tee
Operation Shark Defence Unisex Tee
Operation Shark Defence Unisex Tee

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Operation Shark Defence Unisex Tee


A new design for a new era of shark conservation.

Building on the foundation of Operation Apex Harmony, our new Shark Defence Campaign is stepping up the fight for the conservation of sharks - starting with the replacement of lethal shark control measures (shark culling) in Australia.

About the logo:

The sharks pictured represent all the shark species that are being needlessly targeted and killed in Australian waters. Sharks are an integral part of the marine ecosystem and in this logo they are centralised to symbolise this. The shark nets in the background and seen in the sun rays are representative of how we want to put the outdated methods behind us. The sun is literally setting on them. Finally, the wave gives a sense of movement and progression forward toward our goal of creating a healthy ocean environment for sharks and all marine life.

This 100% Organic Cotton product has been created using the highest possible environmental, social and ethical standards: 

  • 100% Renewable energy from wind and solar power
  • Organic fair trade practices
  • Justice for workers - no sweatshops
  • Low water impact
  • Biodegradable packaging
  • Organic certified azo-free dyes
  • No artificial fertilisers
  • No petroleum-based chemicals
  • Carbon Neutral Accredited

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