'What Would Happen Do You Suppose?'

by Sea Shepherd Australia

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 'What Would Happen Do You Suppose?' (if a straw got stuck up a turtle’s nose?) is a rollicking journey through our oceans highlighting the effect that plastic pollution has on our marine life. Containing 15 colourful, fun filled, goofy-gouache cartoon collages with a 'hide and seek' challenge, it entertains and amuses. The book tackles a very serious problem of marine debris with rhyming, lighthearted and thought-provoking text. The book is environmentally produced on Monza Satin 99% recycled FSC certified paper.

 Julie Parker lives in Mallacoota, Victoria with her partner and two grown-up children. She can be found most days at the beach or in the Ocean – collecting marine debris, surfing waves or counting dolphins. Julie and her family have been on-shore volunteers for Sea Shepherd Australia since 2008. Julie has a passion for the ocean and for sharing the important message of keeping our oceans plastic free. This is her first self-published children’s book.