Sea Shepherd Operation Relentless Announcement

Off the back of Sea Shepherd's most successful campaign to date, Operation Zero Tolerance, that save 932 whales, Sea Shepherd launches Operation Relentless.

Like last seasons campaign, Operation Relentless will be managed and led by Sea Shepherd Australia. It will be Sea Shepherd's 10th Antarctic whale defence campaign defending at risk whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. During the past nine seasons, Sea Shepherd’s direct-action interventions have saved the lives of more than 4,500 whales and exposed illegal Japanese whaling to the world.

We have a great track record of success to build upon. The last three seasons, we sent the whalers home with just a fraction of their kill quota, with last year less than 10%. Japanese whaling is a dying industry — continuing only due to government pride and massive subsidies.

Hundreds of millions in debt, the industry cannot continue to sustain such huge financial losses.

Japan stated that the attempt to kill whales in the 5th “survey” district was completely abandoned due to “relentless interference by Sea Shepherd.


Sea Shepherd like that kind of “relentless” accusation. We like being relentless in the pursuit of finally bring peace to the whales of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

With your help, Operation Relentless is shaping up to be a monumental success for the whales.

Sea Shepherd will always stand fast, never give in, never surrender, Operation Relentless.

Bob Brown — Operation Relentless

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